You are wondering which size of PV your site needs? You are not sure whether a battery would be benefiting ? You would like to boost the savings of your renewable system?

We have a solution !

Cloud Computing

By using the power of predictions and machine learning algorithms we remotely control your installation to give you the cheapest and most reliable power supply!


You have a transparent access to your installation. Wherever you are, you know exactly the usage of your energy and what is done to boost your savings. 


With our solution your energy cost is limited and under control. We believe Big Data is the answer and definitely the most efficient solution ...

Real Time monitoring

Optimisation of the installation

Reliable power supply


with alerts

Renewable production





Cost reduction

Diesel Generator

Receptive experts

We find the right solution

Our proprietary algorithm OptimElec    will decide on an hourly basis whether it is best to self-consume your solar energy, charge your battery, use the power from grid, store some quantity for future peak demand etc.


This is how we will reduce energy cost at a minimum level.


Smart Energy Management


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