What Neolec can do for you...

Energy Savings

Data collection is the firs step. In a secure and encrypted way we will monitor and identify potential area of savings.


If electricity data do not talk to you the good thing is they talk to us. We will tell you all about it. The Audit may also help for the next step which is "sizing your installation".

Sizing your installation

Your site is unique and we truly believe that using an "average" profile will not represent YOUR reality.


This is why we will spend time with you explaining in details why you need x number of solar panels & batteries and the trade off with other solutions. At the end of the day you have the final word on how we will tackle that issue.

Optimising your installation

You have installed some solar panels & batteries (also diesel generator potentially). We have the power to help you optimising your system.


In other words, we continuously monitor your installation from our control center in Switzerland to make sure you use the cheapest energy and get the most reliable power supply.

Off-Grid & Mini-grid systems

Off grid systems are not connected to the utility grid but the "Big Data" approach can still be applied to reduce the cost of your installation. 


At the end of day you still want to use efficiently your renewable energy, we will tell you how... Whether it is a wind, solar, hydro or biomass project we will be able to help you!

Smart Energy Management


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